The origins

Project Wake Up Call was born out of a desire to make the locations where new Hotel RL properties open even better places to live and visit. This was an integral part of our philosophy as we conceived Hotel RL. Creating a neighborhood place with a strong sense of community, Hotel RL locations serve as a creative hub for both locals and visitors. As Hotel RL properties open across the US, we are able to channel the buzz into accomplishing something great.

The project

As hoteliers, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to sleep with a roof over his or her head. That’s why we decided to concentrate our efforts to helping those without homes get the help they need. To do so, we launched Project Wake Up Call – a philanthropic initiative that uses photography to raise awareness, and fundraising in partnership with local charities, to coincide with every new Hotel RL opening. Project Wake Up Call has now launched in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Spokane with more locations coming frequently.

get involved

In each new city where Hotel RL opens its doors, Project Wake Up Call is working with local charities that have been carefully selected and are aligned with our mission to help those without homes get the help that they need. Support one of these amazing causes on our Get Involved page.  

stay at hotel rl on us

Enjoy a complimentary night at the Hotel RL location of your choice with a donation of $100 or more (terms and conditions apply). Any and all donations are welcome and will be given in full to your selected organization. Regardless of how much you can give, you can make a difference for someone in need.