Joyce and Sylvia are friends who hang out together in the DC NoMa area. The two middle-aged women, having lost their jobs, have been homeless for the last three years. It was evident that they sought mutual support in each other. Home for Joyce and Sylvia was a small area beneath the neighborhood overpass. Passing residents would greet and chat with them. They were clearly a welcome presence and part of the neighborhood community. As much as they could, the pair decorated their ‘home’ area; the columns beneath the underpass were adorned and lit with candles. They were a charming pair but sadly, they declined to be photographed, explaining that they did not want to be identified by friends or relatives. Pictured here is their ‘home’ space. Joyce had her stereo locked to her chair and slept by the bushes. She complained about the bugs and pointed out that the streets were dangerous at night. She described her uncertain feelings about the new real estate developments changing the neighborhood.