about the cause

Established in 1985, Health Care for the Homeless works to prevent and end homelessness for vulnerable individuals and families by providing quality, integrated health care and promoting access to affordable housing and sustainable income through direct service, advocacy, and community engagement. The organization delivers pediatric, adult and geriatric medical care; mental health services; social work and case management; addiction treatment; dental care; vision assistance; HIV services; outreach; services; supportive housing; and access to education and employment for thousands of Baltimore residents. 


getting involved

Donate to Project Wake-Up Call to give people the care and support they need to get off the streets for good. Each gift moves beds into apartments, turns on power and phones, fills the pantry, and ensures the caring professionals at Health Care for the Homeless can respond to crises and guide people as they navigate a new life in their own home.

From volunteering to donations, there are many ways to go beyond Project Wake Up Call and offer help to Health Care for the Homeless. Interested parties are encouraged to visit their site to learn about the various ways one can get involved.


inspiring new photographers

Motivated by the images captured by Ian Tong, an art group comprised of clients at Health Care for the Homeless in Baltimore took to the streets with disposable cameras to capture homelessness from their perspective. Their photographs show a first-hand account of the conditions of living on the streets. 

Some of the Health Care for the Homeless clients.