"No Loitering." The shelter of the freeway foundation offers little protection for these makeshift tents against the frozen ice and snow.  

Clockwise from top left

  • Khris by his tent and belongings. On either side you can see into the streets of the city as people drive by rapidly.
  • Two friends in the encampment community near their tents and personal belongings. Turkey Neck is visible in the background by his tent.
  • This image is of Turkey Neck–a nickname he earned because of the cyst on his neck. This was the first homeless person the photographer encountered. At first the photographer was capturing the image from a distance, but Turkey Neck called out to him and was very friendly – he simply wanted to be asked first before a photo was taken. In the photo, one can see the encampment where he lives and has been calling home for the past four years. It is located at Martin Luther King Blvd. and Franklin. The encampment is comprised of a small community of tents where all the people living there support one another. Although they are all homeless, their community allays feelings of loneliness.
  • “Don’t print my face in the newspaper; I don’t want my mom looking for me.”
  • This image is also of Turkey Neck. He said had to quickly zip up his tent before this photo was taken because, he explained, rats would invade his tent if he was not careful. In the distance, the viewer can see the red glow of the city.
  • Homeless man in park.