about the cause

SideWalk is a non-profit that provides rapid rehousing to those who are homeless in Thurston County, Washington. Combining their grass roots engagement with evidence-driven practices has generated unprecedented results. In less than three years, SideWalk moved 500 people off the streets, out of shelters and into permanent housing.


about the Photographer

Anthony Georgis is a Portland based photographer whose philosophy is to keep moving forward. Paying his dues for a decade as a photo assistant, Anthony caught his big break shooting for Levi’s on a 30-day trip across the United States. His fresh approach to photography has been featured in Communication Arts, PDN magazine and honored by the Advertising Photographers of America. Anthony’s personal work centers around youth culture, intimate portraiture and capturing authentic moments. He is intrigued by images that leave room for both imperfection and interpretation.

Whether working on advertising commissions or personal work, Anthony's process is always the same. Work simply, be true to the subject and help them tell their unique story.