a note from Ian

“As I arrived in Omaha with my assistant, the city was hit by an approaching ice storm that threatened to cover the ground with a slick coating of ice. Much of Omaha shut down as the road conditions worsened. By the second day however, the weather cleared and the sun rose to a brilliant clear winter’s day with an intense blue sky.

It was my first time visiting Nebraska. One thing I was particularly struck by was the sense of hospitality and friendliness in everyone that I met; from the people we met on the road whom we photographed to the manager of the pizza restaurant where we grabbed dinner. Winter in Omaha can be cold for sure but it was a lovely place to visit. Everywhere we went we were met with warmth and friendliness. My thanks goes out to the staff of YesOmaha, especially Allison and Maryanne who generously gave their time helping us find our way around. Also many thanks to the kind and helpful staff at Hotel RL who went out of their way to facilitate our project."